As a member of Rolls Royce Owners Club of India, you will enjoy numerous savings on an expanding range of services including, Insurance, Parts and Servicing, RR Membership plus much more. RR members can save around 20,000 a year. You can join from as little as 5000 rupees and start to enjoy these savings immediately. We have two options of membership, an online or printed magazine option, which include all these benefits.

Fight for your Right

NEW! All our members will get our support if there is any problem which is not solved by the dealers of Rolls Royce in India.

Buy and Sell

As a Rolls Royce Car Member we will help you to buy a new car and we can help you to sell your old car. We dont take any commission for this service.

Maintain your Car

The RR car have as many as 175,000 parts. Maintaining a car in good condition will help you to keep it safe and drive it for a long time.